Saturday, April 18, 2009

Forgive me...I have my reasons!!

Okay...yesterday was would think TGIF? Not I! No no no...April 17th, the day I have to return my Nissan Armada to the dealership because my 5 year lease is you think the car started?? NOPE! Trust me..I will spare you all the details about that darn car... and to make a long story short..thank-goodness it was just a dead battery!! Let's just say that I got the lemon...EVERYTHING has gone wrong with that car...good riddence! So..that was partly my reason for not posting yesterday, please forgive me!!
Here is how I will make up for it...2 posts today? Sound fair? I have a workshop this afternoon, so later this evening I will post what we made at the workshop!
So for is what everyone will receive just for thank-you treat. YUM!
Then for the door prize I made this cute little box from the Big Shot scallop envelope die and inside the container are a variety of embellishments (rhinestone brads, corduroy buttons,fleurettes and vanilla hodgepodge hardware) I also made a bookmark which was inspired from the bookmarks made at Convention 2008. Now...see how I was using the Sweet Always DSP?? You see why now?? These are all items that will be given away at the workshop...see previous posts for the Card Holder/pen (hostess thank-you) and the sticky note holders are given to those that brought a friend. Cool huh? It is a great bunch of ladies (thanks Joyce!) and I will praise them all for coming is one of the first real beautiful sunny Saturdays...and I know I for one should be working out in the yard! So enjoy your day...stampin' or pulling weeds!! I'll post again later this evening! ~Erin

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