Friday, January 7, 2011

My Second Video Tutorial!!

Yes...finally I made another video tutorial!! I can't believe that it took me as long as it did...but it's here!! Thanks so much for your patience!! In a previous post I shared with you some fabric rosette rings that I made (click here for the post). I had promised to make a video showing how, so today I pulled out our newest fabric from the Occasions Mini Catalog and went to work.

Above you will see the three designs you get from ordering our Springtime Vintage fabric (121817)...they are so much prettier in person. In addition there are some really cute ideas from Stampin' Up! that use this fabric. Click here for a PDF that you can download and use. (There are really cute ideas on there...can't wait to try them myself!!) Promise me you will not laugh...I hope to get better the more I practice...and I am already getting started on the next one!! Hint: Also uses our fabric and great for Valentine's Day gifts!! So here is a close-up picture of the ring (sorry it's a bit blurry...and that my hand is so pale and hmmm...I desperatly need a manicure!!) LOL! But otherwise...enjoy my video!!



Gwen Howard said...

Love your ring tutorial! You did a great job. Could you post where your purchased the ring?

Erin Barker said...

Thanks...they are really fun to make and easy too!! I bought the rings online:
Hope that helps!! Take care!!

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