Saturday, July 27, 2013

Convention 3-D Swap, Wine Bottle Cork Flower Tutorial

What an AMAZING trip!! Convention was as expected.... a BLAST!! Had a little bit of delay leaving Dulles...we boarded the plane...then got off the plane. We boarded the plane...then waited about an hour until we took off. Sitting next to my girlfriend and I sat the most well behaved baby ever!!! I feared that we would hear her cry the whole way...nope!! She and new mommy slept almost through the entire flight!!

We checked into our room at the Hotel Monaco and were greeted by our pet for the week. We named him/her 'Stamper'. (I know original huh?)

Almost too excited to sleep...we finally slept after giggling for about two hours!!

Our first day in SLC started off right!!! We had massages, got pedicures and our hair done.
If you are ever in the area of Salt Lake City...I recommend going to Sanctuary Day Spa. A few years ago we attended Convention with another member in my downline and we treated ourselves the same way. It has become a ritual...can't wait to go back!!
Of course we hit the town and shopped at both the Gateway...and new City Creek shopping malls. The weather was perfect~ 'hot' but you know that 'dry' heat?? It was horrible hearing that back home Virginia's heat index hit 113 degrees!!! Yikes!! Thank goodness that it has cooled off back home...not sure if I would have come back!!

Then the real fun began...

 We went to Riverton (Stampin' Up!'s Home Office). Toured the facility, but my camera died (Ahhhhh!) Thankful we had a nice maintenance man back at the hotel who gave me 4 fresh batteries!! (Yay!!)

Not sure what day this photo was taken, but we had to get a quick pic of main stage and the 25!!
Maybe we can pretend that this picture is for a big birthday celebration...and I'm turning 25??

Prize Patrol was handed out to more people than at any other Convention~

I was very happy that I won...but Stampin' Up! saved the best for last. The last 25 demonstrators who had not won anything yet received all of the stamps in the Holiday Catalog!! Can you imagine??

This is Anne and I all dressed up for Awards Night...

You know...after seeing all these pictures I am feeling really tall!! (LOL) I do have more pictures to share...if you are sick of seeing my silly face..and want some inspiration, you can join the room I created on Snapfish. Click here to join. 

Funny story~ I would love to share with you one more photo (but it's really bad!)
I walked the stage for the first celebrate my 10th year as a demonstrator!! (Yay!!)
I was nervous...excited and proud!! I handed Anne my camera (showed her how to use it) and my cell phone. She too had both her camera and phone. However...trying to figure out my camera she missed it!! The two pictures she captured are blurry...and I look silly. Ahhhhhh!!! Seriously??
She felt terrible... don't worry I still love her!! What makes the story funny is when Bonnie Thurber was demonstrating some scrapbook/hybrid pages. She commented how important it is to preserve 'capture' the moment. She stated that it doesn't matter if you have the perfect's that you 'captured' the moment!! Anne and I both looked at each other and smiled!! Now those 'bad' photos are posted on Snapfish...go ahead check them out~ if you want a good laugh!

Okay... in a previous post I shared with you the swaps I made for Convention. Here is my 3-D swap.

The Wine Bottle Flower was a big hit and what else are you going to do with all those corks laying around?? I have received a few e-mails inquiring how it was made, so I decided to make a quick video to show how~

Let me know if you have any questions, or leave me a comment and let me know what you think!!

In closing...thanks Stampin' Up! for an incredible 'memorable' 10 years...looking forward to many more!!
BIG hugs,

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